There are various Pinterest quotations about writing, which tell us that writing is about discipline; and so it is. They tell us writing is about one word at a time, just getting it down on paper; and so it is. But some of them say that you have to force yourself to write the scenes you don’t like, the boring scenes, the in-between scenes. 

I disagree. You shouldn’t have those scenes in your book. 

Don’t write it if it’s boring. Who would want to read it? If a scene is dull, dragging on, redundant, chuck it! Write something new; combine scenes; write over it. Make it dialogue instead of description; give us a picture instead of a pause. So you have to give someone’s backstory? Give it in flashback; have someone (an unreliable narrator perhaps?) describe it. Make your story interesting; make every scene count.

There’s a difference between discipline (writing *when* you don’t want to write) and dullness (writing *what* you don’t want to write). Write! Always write! But write with a reason. 


5 thoughts on “Discipline

  1. jubilare says:

    I agree, but with one exception. Sometimes I have to force out a scene when I know it isn’t working in order for my brain to solve the problem of WHY it doesn’t work. Then I chuck the bits that don’t work and re-write it. 😉 But yeah, no boring scenes.

    • Good point! 🙂 Yes, there is a lot of “working out” that needs doing, even for interesting scenes. But too many scenes are not interesting (at least, many of mine) and the work I put into them isn’t worth it, or I’m doing it wrong, somehow. That’s my two cents, anyway 🙂

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