It’s halfway through Nanowrimo, and I have more or less (probably somewhat less) 3,000 words. That’s not 30,000, or even 25,000 that I should have: that’s three thousand. That’s fewer words than two days’ worth. How did this happen? 

I got sick. 

You wouldn’t think it, but a week’s worth of flu can really knock the writing out of you. You would think that a week’s worth of day dreaming in bed or lolling about on the couch would be the perfect opportunity to write. It’s a writer’s dream, isn’t it? Well, not so much. The little grey cells don’t function quite up to speed. Which means Nano isn’t happening for me this year.

But that’s ok. It’s good for my humility; it’s good to remember I can’t accomplish everything I set out to do. And, in some ways, it’s good for my writing, too. Instead of working on the story I meant to write this November, my brain has been going around and around with the murder mystery I’m almost finished with, and I’m actually starting to tie up some loose ends. If a flu will make me lose Nanowrimo but help me finish a year-old project, I hope I get the flu every year!

Meanwhile, I hope your projects are going well, and your Nano counts are getting higher and higher every day!


My word count, two days into Nanowrimo. I must admit, this is rather unusual; I tend to frantically stack word upon word for at least two or three days, to have a “bumper” for the middle of the month when time goes all wibbley-wobbley and quickens its pace. One thing after another, and I still haven’t put the first sentence into my freshly-opened Word document. But word count is just a number, right?