It’s coming to a November near you! Yes, near enough to smell, and it smells like burning oak leaves, and hot tea, and frosted windshields, and pumpkin-scented everything, and ball-point pen ink, and brand new journals, and bouquets of sharpened pencils … yes, I’m that excited. I don’t know that I’ve ever been more excited about a NaNo before … I’ve only done it a few years now, but each time it’s been a thrill and a challenge and a marvelous feat and a superpower and a dance. And if you haven’t done it before, DO IT! Sign up, log in, and WRITE! 


9 thoughts on “NANOWRIMO!

  1. I’ve never done NaNoWriMo (always have been too intimidated) but I’m reading all these excited blog posts from different writers and starting to re-think it. Good luck to you this November!

    • Hi Lauren! You should definitely take a(n inky) stab at Nano. Don’t be intimidated! It’s not about other people: it’s about your writing. It’s about you. Writing. Period. It’s about 50K words. It’s a wordcount. It’s not good words, bad words, or indifferent words — ok, unless you’re a perfectionist, and then it has to be the 50K best words you have ever written. (Ummm, guilty). But this was what I (a not-so-secret perfectionist) discovered after a couple less-than-perfect years of Nano: Oh. So it’s *not* perfect. But you know what? It’s fifty thousand (ok, so, forty thousand? Thirty? Twenty-five?) words I wrote. And those words may never see the light of a publisher’s desk — heck, they may never see the light of a friend’s inbox — but then we chalk it up to experience and practice and discipline, and move on. And sometimes moving on is another fundamental step in maturing and bettering yourself and becoming the writer you want to be.

      Oh, and those 30K delete-worthy words? Guess what! After two (or three … or thirteen) years of taking up (cyber)space, they might just incubate a brand new story. Or two. Or twenty. You never know.

      My advice: give it a try 🙂

  2. blueroses says:

    Can I write a history textbook instead?

    • NO. I forbid it! Unless … it’s a magical history textbook that a jaded 16-year-old opens and is therefore magically transported into any time period she chooses and has dangerous and thrilling adventures and somewhere along the (wibbley-wobbley) lines meets a tall handsome stranger with an odd blue box … aaaaaand yes I just went there. Sigh. But it would be a great story, ja?

  3. jubilare says:

    No, thank you, but I’m fully in support of you doing it? I have to continue the slow, steady plod.

    • Ah, well, slow and steady wins the race. I’m rather a sprinter when it comes to writing, unfortunately: bursts of inspiration are all too quickly followed by long sloughs of blah. (Say that three times fast!). But never fear: one way or another, you and I will both end up at the finish line, someday … ah, that blissful, unreachable, Someday!

  4. Gracie says:

    Mmmm…bouquets of sharpened pencils. 🙂 I did this a couple of years ago, and had a blast doing it! Now you’ve got me thinking about making up my own drawing-related equivalent. Happy writing!

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