9/11, Fantasy, and How We Deal With Evil

9/11, Fantasy, and How We Deal With Evil.

Excellent thoughts on fantasy.


8 thoughts on “9/11, Fantasy, and How We Deal With Evil

  1. jubilare says:

    I keep trying to explain this to my dad, but he either refuses to understand or refuses to accept it.

    • I know what you mean 🙂 But then, it takes all kinds of people to make the world go ’round, and we need rationalists to keep the dreamers grounded, and idealists to keep the pessimists human … etc.

      • jubilare says:

        Ah, true. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on him.

      • It’s a fact of human nature that we are too hard on others and too easy on ourselves (I speak for myself here!). Sanctity is learning to do the opposite. And that is why you see so few halos floating overhead.

      • jubilare says:

        Common among humanity, yes, but my father and brother are enough proof to me that it isn’t ubiquitous in human nature.
        A lot of us are harder on others than on ourselves, and that is a bad thing. From what I’ve seen from the men in my family, being harder on yourself than on others can go too far as well. There’s got to be a balance where we keep ourselves accountable, but don’t resort to self-abuse, and where we can try and help others with their problems without becoming overbearing, judgmental or controlling. Tough stuff.
        With my father, I think the reason I am so hard on him in this regard (not that this is any excuse) is because it makes me feel judged by him. I want his approval, and therefore his lack of understanding in this area really hurts.

      • True, true. I suppose I generalized. But I do understand — all too well. And there is no replacement for the respect and approval of one we love, is there?

  2. jubilare says:

    No, there really isn’t. Even the most stable of us has a need for it.

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