I would just like to say, The Piano Guys’ version of “Titanium/Pavane” is one of those songs that makes you feel so very alive: if you close your eyes and curl your toes, the excitement will run up your back in gravity-defying cascades of shivers, making you believe you *could* almost fly … you might not know the lyrics to the song, but you could sing it all day without one intelligible word, without one audible utterance.

That said, hullo. Yes, it’s been ages. Again. Life continues to get in the way of living. Perhaps what I mean is that my needs get in way of my wants: I need to make money to pay for a car so I can drive to work to have a job … while I want to just sit at home and write. I still haven’t figured out whether my needs or my wants are selfish; both seem to be, but at times neither do. Thoughts?

I have continued to progress with certain stories — one in particular, which is a rather exciting and new experience. It’s a murder mystery, with no great plot twists or memorable dialogue, but as I blink in the darkness and hold my breath at that one, tiny, incredible sliver of light ahead of me in the proverbial Tunnel, I smile. It may not be Christie, or Sayers, or good heavens Chesterton, but it’s mine. And I love it. And someday, you will all love it too … because it *will* be published, and it *will* be read! Because I want it to be; because I need it to be. Is that selfish? I don’t know. But it is true.


2 thoughts on “Titanium

  1. jubilare says:

    I look forward to reading it! Writing can be selfish or unselfish or a bit of both. For most of us, I expect, it’s the last.

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