Please, call me Blue. The “lady” is in imitation of some of my favorite literary characters: Lady Frankie (Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?), Lady Harriet (Wives and Daughters), Lady Catherine de Bourgh (Pride and Prejudice). The “whimsy” is, well, for the sake of whimsy, as well as for another favourite character — indeed, family of characters: the family Wimsey, Dorothy L. Sayers’ brilliant mystery creation. The “blue” happens to be a nickname assigned when I spent a few months in the company of some half-a-dozen other females who shared my first name; we called it coincidence, but who knows what nefarious plot of the troglodytes of Greek mythology might have brought us together.

Rule #1 of this blog: I like words. I’m a bit of a word nerd, in fact. So, when I have recently been spelunking for verbiage, or just returned from a particularly fruitful deep-dictionary diving, you will hear no end of odd, assorted words. I plan to give you a “whimsical word of the week” for your vocabulary-building exercises, and the scattered strangelings I leave in my wake I will highlight for you to peruse and pursue at your leisure. Hence, troglodyte. Look it up.

You might call me mad. Or, obsessed. Some, perhaps, will say “eccentric” or “bored” or “just plain weird.” But, no worries, I answer to “Blue.”

Beyond the square reaches of the grey, windowless cubicle I call work, and the brownish expanse of Midwestern soybean fields I call home, my mind wanders far and wide in search of adventure. Someday-famed author is only one of the many alter-egos I possess and cherish. Moonlighting as a cookie ninja comes a close second. Amateur time-traveller (as of today; who knows what yesterday may bring), fairy godmother-in-training, never-to-be-yet-always-wishful-linguist, and Calvin-and-Hobbesian also appear on my resume. Well, not the resume my boss sees.

But anywho.

Welcome to Blue Whimsy writing 🙂

13 thoughts on “Hullo!

  1. jubilare says:

    I will now, and possibly forever, see you as a yellow Labrador Retriever. How you type with those paws is beyond me, but I am impressed. 😉
    “Blue” was my neighbor’s dog throughout my childhood. If you know anyone named Bailey, I will think it uncanny (and, incidentally, see him or her as a Springer Spaniel).

  2. Oh dear. Well, it’s not actually a “bad” thing, so I’m guessing “good.” Perhaps more “intriguing?”

  3. After much-ish deliberation, and a moment of possible inspiration, I have arrived at a plausible conclusion: *mostly* German Shepherd, with bits of lab/retriever/basset hound. Actually, rather a lot of basset hound. Possibly Irish Wolfhound? It’s so hard to distinguish between what kind of a dog I think I am, versus what kind of a dog I would like to be. (Personality types fascinate me, so I am constantly drawing comparisons and over-analyzing any sort of character study that comes my way). Hmmm. But, while we’re on the topic, what sort of canine personality have you?

    • jubilare says:

      Quite a mutt! And a fine-sounding mutt, at that.
      Hmm… the dogs I seem to “get” the most are huskies or husky mixes, but I am not sure if that is because I am like them, or because I was raised with one.

  4. Oh, I love huskies! I have never met a husky I didn’t like 🙂 Now that we’re completely off-topic (aren’t words wonderful like that?), if you don’t mind, the next of my characters who gets a dog will have to get a husky and name him Bailey! I like that.

  5. Molly Dolly says:

    Wonderful, Lady Blue! I can’t wait to see more.
    Tell me, though: do you like G.K. Chesterton?

    • Thanks very much, Molly Dolly! I absolutely love Chesterton. I read the Father Brown stories and “Everlasting Man” in high school, and I pretty much fell in love. Since then, I’ve read a number of his articles and a couple of his novels, and every time I find one I don’t have, I buy it! (or add it to my Amazon wishlist :)). What is your favorite Chesterton?

      • Molly Dolly says:

        That’s great! Although it was bit hard to follow at the end, I think “The Man Who Was Thursday” was one of my favorites. I really like his essay on bread and cheese. Have you read it? You should if you haven’t.:)

      • YES. Cheese is one of my weaknesses (the sort I can half-brag about), and so to find that one of my favorite authors shares in my cheesial – cheesical – dairyesque – fromangerie ooooooooh I like that word. Fromangerie. Anywho. To know that GKC also loves cheese is quite a delight.

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